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FSSI Testimonial: Adams Marketing

From the desk of Adams Marketing ...

Adams Marketing has been a successful schedule 75 contract holder for 27 years

We have provided excellent pricing and service to the entire Federal Government customer across the world.  We have evolved over the years to be EDI friendly and increased our ability to supply over 25,000 office supplies in an inexpensive and efficient manner. 

We have always been ranked in the top 10 of the over 500, schedule 75 contractors.  

Since the forcing of the FSSI BPAs, we have had an immediate and exorbitant drop in business in the past 6 months.  We have laid off 3 employees (one with a son in IRAQ) , given salary cuts to many employees,  and having to consider more layoffs in the very near future. 

Our customers are being diverted by the FSSI mandates from the Agency head level.  One customer from the Census Bureau spent 3 days getting 2 forms, one at their level, and one at the Dept. of Interior level, filled out and signed.   This was in order for them to purchase an item from Adams Marketing, saving them $300.00 over what they could find it for on FSSI. 

Placing the order with Adams Marketing took 3 minutes and we shipped it out the next day.    We are getting many customers venting their frustration over the additional paperwork and man-hours involved in getting the best value for their purchase. 

Also,  GSA has instructed its New York City, Global Supply purchasing agents to also go to the 15 FSSI BPA holders, which in totally out of the realm of the micro-purchase cardholder use noted in the BPA. 

On page 11, of GSA's powerpoint presentation entitled, " FSSI Office Supplies Executive Summary",  in regard to the 24 month postponement of schedule 75 new offers,  it states "Schedule 75 sales, outside of FSSI BPA's, projected to decline as use of the FSSI BPAs increases." 

This has been an unbelievable attempt to put 500 small businesses out of business, during the worst economic time of our lives. 

And this is all done with no regard about the fate of the schedule holders by OMB and GSA.  After meeting face to face with them in front of my Congressman Bobby Scott,  they admitted that they did not do any study as to the impact this FSSI might have on small businesses across America and it is hard to believe the our President is supporting this initiative. 


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