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FSSI Testimonial: Midwest Office Supply

From the desk of Midwest Office Supply ...

"Since this began I have lost 69% of my employees. I have had a reduction in revenue of 47 % (the percentage grows larger everyday).

I had to reduce pay for all remaining employees. I have had to cancel all healthcare coverage for all employees including myself.

I don't ever recall receiving an invite/solicitation for the FSSI.

I went through the long ordeal of obtaining our GSA contract back in 2006 and I have greatly appreciated the support of the local base where I live up till 4Q09.

As a veteran, it disheartens me that the committee didn't look into what the FSSI was going to do with all of the remaining vendors and their families.

In October of 2009, the orders started to die off. We were told by numerous cardholders that where they were not allowed to purchase from local small business, they had to use advantage to enter orders. I said ok, I am on advantage, still no orders. We are lucky if I receive 1 order a day.

I finally learned of the FSSI in Jan 2011 and had a meeting with base contracting last month and they admitted to knowing about the FSSI and I was told there was nothing they could do.  We are on the verge of closing the doors. We all need to fight this before it is too late.

Richard Finn, USAF Veteran

Midwest Office Supply

GSA Contract Holder


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